Features ADS Legal Group

  • Legal audit

    For compliance with competition law

  • Representation and support

    In the bodies of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and the courts

  • Obtaining permits

    On the concentration and concerted actions

  • Consulting in the field of procurement

    Full legal support in the field
    of public procurement («Turnkey procurement»)


  • Development of an individual business policy

    We provide highly skilled conclusions about the presence and / or absence of any activity of the company in terms of violations of the legislation on the protection of economic competition.
    Our team can also develop an individual company policy to comply with antitrust laws.
  • Turnkey procurement

    We provide services to customers and participants in the field of public procurement. Consultation, clarification, preparation of complaints, representation of interests in appeal of procurement procedures. Do not know how to start working on the public procurement market? Do not want to have any mistakes? Public procurement with our “Turnkey procurement” service is easy!
  • Analysis and coordination of advertising

    We develop the rules of professional ethics, we assist in obtaining recommendations for explanations of the AMCU. It is better to prevent a violation of the law than to be fined. The experience of the representatives of our team allows us to provide a professional legal assessment of your advertising campaigns and, in turn, prevent the violation of antimonopoly legislation.
  • Legal assistance

    Our company is ready to provide services for the participation and support of inspections of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine bodies, including unplanned ones, in particular, to train employees to provide oral explanations, to help in preparing written explanations during the audit, objections or comments to the verification act.
  • Preparation of answers to the requirements of AMCU

    We provide services for preparing responses to the requests and requests of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and, if there are already open cases concerning information violations, we will help to reduce the risks of maximum penalties in such cases.
  • Trainings for companies and enterprises

    We provide affordable and quality training for your managers and staff on the practical application of legislation in the field of protection of economic competition and public procurement.
    We will be happy to share our practical experience!