ADS LEGAL GROUP Has Something to Say Regarding the Public Purchases Appealing

On July 25, 2017 the head of the competition law section of the legal firm ADS LEGAL GROUP, Tetiana Rudenko, during the live broadcast of the Espresso TV channel, told about the ProZorro system performance and about the public purchases at the Ukrainian anti-monopoly committee appealing.

It’s already a year when the public purchases electronic system has replaced the paper government tenders. And now the tenders have become open and transparent, and anyone, by visiting the site, can familiarize himself with the process of a particular public purchase.

And although both the buyers and the tenderers can find all the necessary information for the tender inviting on the ProZorro site, still the legal advice of the specialist, who knows every thick in the book, can never hurt.

The “Tender Ukraine” program, which is weekly live broadcasted on the Espresso TV channel, raises the current questions regarding the performance and the developing of the ProZorro system, and, this time, the representative of the ADS LEGAL GROUP has become a participant of the program, who has shared his experience and answered the current questions regarding the purchase system appealing at the competition authority of Ukraine.

For watching the video follow the link.

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