The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine conducts the survey from November 3 to 30, 2016.

The Committee supports the introduction of the self-regulatory mechanism on produce markets and conceives, that the establishment of the common to everyone involved principles of professional ethics can make the difference in competitive relations on the markets. It can also conduce finding a solution on troubled and debatable questions, which occur in the course of business.

The project of the Law-book of the professional ethics in pharmacies was designed by the public union “Pharmaceutical professional association of Ukraine”.

This project of the Law-book is opened for signature by pharmacy institutions, which aren’t the participators of the public union “Pharmaceutical professional association of Ukraine” or other non-governmental organizations. In the Committee’s view, its several dispositions demand of public consultation for obtaining positions of all holders of license for retail business on medicinal products.

Particularly, it concerns the realization of the drive for uniform allocation of drugstores in townships by entities, suggested by the project of the Law-book, by means of “no setting up of new drugstores in a building or premises at address, which is already used as a place of business of another drugstore working by right of qualifying license”.

The act of this regulation does not cover setting up of new drugstores, which:

– are placed on the premises of medical and preventive treatment facilities or shopping centres;

– have a license for operations involving drug production (manufacturing) in drugstore environment;

– are placed in a building or premises, which were used as a place of drugstore business by another holder of license at any interim during the last year.

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