At the III Ukrainian Antitrust Forum was discussed the state of development of competition in Ukraine

On May 31, 2017, the third annual Ukrainian Antitrust Forum where representatives of public authorities, public and private organizations, leading law firms and business discussed issues of economic competitiveness and enforcement aspects of competition policy in Ukraine.

At the beginning of the forum, with the special report “Transformation of the AMCU approaches”, the chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Yuri Terentyev spoke. He briefed the participants on the results of the work of the antitrust authorities in 2016 and noted that last year the AMCU detected and terminated 3072 violations of the antitrust law, and at the moment the Ministry is preparing legislative changes on the results of the work of the Antimonopoly Committee for the previous year, which will be submitted in the near future to the relevant committee of Parliament.

During a panel discussion on protection of economic competition Forum participants actively discussed effective reform of the Ukrainian antimonopoly authority and necessity to develop  the clear National Program competition, which would facilitate even greater performance Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in the protection of competition.

Also, the participants of the event, including representatives of law firms, could share their experience in practical application of the new AMC Regulation and Recommendations on the application of fines, outlining the positive aspects and possible directions for further improvement of both documents.

Particular attention was paid to the Law of Ukraine “On State Aid to Business Entities”, which should come into force in 63 days.

As was mentioned by the state commissioner of the Committee, Anna Artemenko, the AMC, in its turn, has already made some steps towards the implementation of the monitoring system for the provision of such assistance and predicted the possible implications of the introduction of this system, which in the future will contribute not only to the strict implementation of the law, but also to the development of the economy as a whole.

During the Ukrainian Antitrust Forum the attention was focused on the issue of economic analysis in the cases of competition protection, as practice shows, the use of elements of such analysis in disputes with the AMCU plays a rather important role.

Of course, that were not passed very important issues, such as aspects of the Law of Ukraine “On public procurement” and AMC role as the body of appeal of government / public procurement. Discussed the practice of considering complaints in the AMCU and basic typical violations bidders.

In general, the III Ukrainian Antitrust Forum was essentially an exchange of experience and views among representatives of government, law firms and business in order to establish further productive cooperation and effective development of economic competition in our country.

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