Don’t Forget to Pay for the Filing of Complaint to the Appeal Body of AMCU!

Don’t forget, if you file the complaint to the Appeal Body, then you have to pay for its filing.

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine is the State Appeal Body during the public purchase conduction. The Permanent Administrative Board, consisting from three authorized deputiesof Antimonopoly Committee, for Complaints Consideration regarding the violations of legislation in the sphere of public purchases was created for the consideration of purchase complaints under the AMCU. The procedure of the purchases and the consideration of the appropriate complaints by the Board is provided by the article 18 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Public Purchases”.

One of the grounds for leaving the complaint by AMCU without consideration is the lack of the document, which confirms the payment for the complaint filing.

Thus, the fee for the complaint filing to the Appeal Body is credited to the State Budget of Ukraine. The following fee is charged for filing the complaint with the Apeal Body in accordance to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 291 from 23.03.2013:

5 thousand UAH – in the case of appeal of the goods or services purchase procedure;

15 thousand UAH – in the case of appeal of the works purchase procedure.

The funds for the complaint filing crediting is conducted to the appropriate accounts, opened in the Agencies of the Treasury Department of Ukraine, We provide the reference to the list of the accoints, opened under the balance account 3111, classification code of the budget income 24061800 «Another returns».

During filing the complaint we recommend to follow the requirements, provided by the legislation, or seek the legal assistance to our legal company.

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