It was one of the leaders of Ukrainian industry of ice cream and frozen food production – FIRMA LASKA.

During exercise of state supervision over statutory compliance on protection against unfair competition at the market of ice cream industry the breaker was found by Kirovograd regional department of the AMCU. The department detected the realization of the ice cream “Byelorussian Ice cream” in retail chain of Kropyvnystkyi town, the wrapping of which has the misleading information and which was manufactured by Multi-unit national enterprise the Association of local goods producer approval FIRMA LASKA (Kirovograd).

Enterprise FIRMA LASKA indicates on wrapping “Byelorussian Ice cream”, though it is not produced in Byelorussian recipe. The enterprise produce ice cream according to the state standard of Ukraine (DSTU 4733:2007 “Milk ice cream. Creamy. Ice cream”).
1464620853_4629-2The technical guideline on marking regulations of food products provide that the marking of the food products or method thought which it is made mustn’t misinform customers toward characteristics of food item, in particular, its nature, characteristics, condition, composition, quantity, temporal characteristic on storing validity, origin, method of production or getting.

Kirovograd regional department of the AMCU established that distribution of false information on ice cream wrapping can misinform customers about composition of it product and create impression of its certain consumer attributes and impel consumer to buy it.

Taking into account stated, on 25.10.2016, the Administrative body of Kirovograd regional department of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine granted to enterprise FIRMA LASKA compulsory for consideration the recommendations to stop using ice cream “Byelorussian ice cream” wrapping and to eliminate ice cream “Byelorussian ice cream” (if such are available). Besides, in case of further realization of  ice cream with title “Byelorussian ice cream”, to state next to its title the information that this product is not produced in Byelorussian recipe.

Time taken to consider the recommendation – 10 days starting with the day of its receiving.

As long as the recommendations are fulfilled, proceedings on the case of law violation on the protection of economic competition by FIRMA LASKA won’t be started.

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