The rules were signed by TOV VOG Ritail, TOV Alliance Holding, PII Amik Ukraiina, TOV Socar Petroleum and TOV Parallel.

Two other companies, which were fined by the AMCU (TOV Zolotyi Ekvator and PP Okko Naftoproduct) didn’t sign the rules.

The companies called everyone involved in the market of the light oil to join Professional conduct rules in contention concerning honesty and clarity in the retail market of petroleum in Ukraine.

The Rules consist of five sections:

  1. General principles.
  2. Dispositions relative to people.
  3. Dispositions relative to behaviour with competitors, state authorities and civil society organizations.
  4. Dispositions relative to compliance control the Rules by companies.
  5. Company’s subs and official info.

In these rules, the companies condemned every anticompetitive behaviour on the petroleum market in Ukraine, stated that they aim for the development of the fair competition on this market and for consumer protection.

The companies are sure that the major way for providing clear and effective competition is to create and secure fair and effective application of uniform rules to everyone involved in the market, thanks to which they will be in equal competitive conditions.

The companies confirmed that they will never offer, pay, try to receive or/and receive money, other personal payments, gifts, service and so on for the purpose of getting any advantages in the course of business.

Arrangements for informing customers about real retail prices and factors which influence it and also full precise truthful records about designations of motor gasoline, including emission standard symbols and determination of bioethanol and diesel, including lettering of climatic periods, emission standard symbols and determination methyl-ethyl fatty acid esters will be found in accordance with the law in force.

The companies obliged not to use means, products, service and other actions, which could dent the reputation or shake the confidence of other marketer in process of recruitment, in advertisements, brochures and related business activities.

The companies stated that they are dead against and report about their total impatience on receipt of undue advantages in business competition.

The companies obliged to always compete with each other and independently from each other.

The full text of the Rules:


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