Today The Court of Appeal supported the position of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in recognition the actions of DP Starokonstiantynivsk dairy plant as unfair competition.

In February that year the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine fined DP Starokonstiantynivsk dairy plant 790 ths. 311 hryvnas for unfair competition.


The plant spread the misleading information on wrapping of farm butter, in particular, stated that this product is a butter whereas while producing added to it vegetable oil, the usage of which is not specified by the requirements of the state standard of Ukraine 4399:2005 “Butter. Specifications”. So, the product must be called spread.

Starokonstiantynivsk dairy plant didn’t agree with Committee’s decision and interposed the appeal to Kyiv Economic Court, which denied it on 10.08.2016.

Today, the appellate instance left the decision of the AMCU unchanged.

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