State aid in Ukraine on the pages of the EStAL Journal

State aid in Ukraine on the pages of the EStAL Journal

The Review of State aid Monitoring and Control System in Ukraine is published on the pages of Lexxion’s EStAL (European State Aid Law Quarterly) for the first time

Over the last 15 years, the journal has been known for closely monitoring the reforms, changes and overall developments in the world of State aid and subsidies in the EU, becoming the primary point of reference for policy-makers, practitioners and academics.

However, over the past few years, this is the first article published in EStAL Journal on State aid in Ukraine, which is not yet a member of the European Community.

The author of the article, Head of the State aid practice at the ADS Legal Group, Evgen Dudnyk, notes that the European Union countries and Ukraine are set to further deepen economic cooperation, including trade. Therefore, such reviews, which cover the creation of level playing field, in particular, in State aid sector, will be useful for European State aid experts as well as practitioners and the European business community.

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