Successfully completed the work on supporting the appeal of violations of the requirements of the procurement legislation by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The legal company ADS LEGAL GROUP has successfully completed work on supporting the appeal of the wrongful deviation of the lowest bidding of selection participant of private enterprise “Sewing association” Avitex” and the winners of the negotiation procedure for the purchase of other participants.

In contrast to the public interest and the legislative principle of procurement, the price offer of the “Sewing Association “Avitex”, was unlawfully rejected, referring to paragraph 8 of part 1 of Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On the peculiarities of the procurement of goods, works and services for guaranteed needs of defense “, under which the customer rejects the quotation’s selection on the grounds of default of the contract period concerning the term of delivered goods (more than once).

The permanent administrative board of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine yesterday, considering violation of the law by the customer in the field of public procurement, by its decision ordered to cancel the decision on rejecting the offer of the enterprise “Sewing Association “Avitex” and the determining of the winners.

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