“The Family Pharmacy Network” Distributed the False Information

The LLC “The Family Pharmacy Network” is fined 68 thousand UAH for the unfair competition.

As it was discovered by the administrative board of the Kyiv Regional Territorial Department of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the LLC “The Family Pharmacy Network” distributed the incomplete information on the external surfaces of the buildings (facades) of its pharmacy establishments “-5%”, “-7%”, “AT LOW PRICES” without indication that the given discounts are applied only to those customers, who has a discount card of the network.

Moreover, the company distributed the false information about the prices for goods in particular, “more than 1000 most needed medicines AT THE BEST PRICES”.

Thus, the actions of the LLC “The Family Pharmacy Network” were recognized by the Kyiv antimonopoly officers as the violation, provided by the Article 15 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection from the Unfair Competition”, in the form of distribution of the false information.

In addition to the fine, the company has to stop the mentioned violation by facilitating the façade of the pharmacy establishments of the LLC “The Family Pharmacy Network” in accordance to the regulations of the Ukrainian legislation in power, about which to inform the territorial department with the appropriate documents provision within two month since the day on the decision receiving.


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