The Kyiv Territorial Department of AMC has Mulcted Four «Plotters»

Recently the Kyiv antimonopoly authority officers have mulcted the LLC “SS “Garant” 29 thousand 500 UAH, the SP “The Group of Companies “Sheriff” 63 thousand 900 UAH, the SP “The Safety Territory” 516 UAH and the LLC “Dominant Plus” 68 thousand UAH for the plot during the bidding process.

Thus, in 2013 the bidding procedure under the name “The services in the public order and the public security sphere (the physical security of the RRT Concern objects services)” was held by the Radio Broadcast, Radio Communications and Television Concern. During this bidding procedure the services at thirteen bids were purchased.

The major participants of this bidding procedure at all bids were the LLC “SS “Garant”, the SP “The Group of Companies “Sheriff”, the SP “The Safety Territory” and the LLC “Dominant Plus”.

The LLC “Dominant Plus” became the winning bidder with seven bids, the SP “The Safety Territory” was the winning bidder with five bids, and the SP “The Group of Companies “Sheriff” with one bid, which were conducted the service supply agreement with.

But, as the Kyiv antimonopoly authority officers note, they, during the documents comparative examination, which were the part of the bidding procedure proposals, discovered the fact of the consistency of conduct of the business entities during the documents drawing and participation in the bidding procedure.

Namely, the documents of all bidding participants were similar in the form and content of their drawing up.

Thus the entities in the bid proposal filed the documents, which were not required by the ordering customer, took the necessary notes at the same time that is witnessed by the sequence of the appropriate notes’ numbers, engaged the services of the same insurance company, thought the Ukrainian insurance market is competitive – more than 200 of insurance companies run business in it. Also the bidding participants had the common employees and authorized officials.

The fact of business relationships between the bidding participants existence was discovered by the Territorial Department of AMC that indicated the awareness of business entities regarding the activities and financial capacity of each other.

So the Kyiv Territorial Department of AMC recognized these activities as the violation in the form of committing the anticompetitive concerned actions regarding the distortion of bidding results and mulcted all four bidding participants the aforementioned sums and now is waiting for the offenders mulcts to be paid within two months.

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